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OCTOBER 15, 16 & 17, 2022 : Paris – Porte de Versailles, Hall 7.1 (4th Edition)



Come share, discuss and find your contact person adapted to your needs…
who will answer all your questions.

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Add to My Calendar 2022-10-15 10:00:00 2022-10-17 18:00:00 Europe/Paris BDC Show The 1st CBD Show Paris - Porte de Versailles

Organizer of more than 20 trade fairs, for nearly 20 years, at the Porte de Versailles and throughout France, we have very specific expertise.

Marc ASSOUS has been an organizer of trade fairs for almost 20 years and has created and organized:
The Boarding School Show of Excellence, Golf Show, Tennis Show, Drone Show, Handikid expo Show, Electronic Cigarette Show, Ski and Snowboard Show, Florida Luxury Real Estate Show, Show International toy, International Flower Fair

We have decided that the first CBD Show will be held in Paris: Porte de Versailles, Lyon: La Sucrière et Marseille: Palais de la Méditerranée – Parc Chanot, Strasbourg – Parc des Expositions. A show in which professional visitors and private visitors will be able to ask their questions, meet up, share, discuss, reassure themselves and find an interlocutor, adapted to their needs.

Visitors will also meet the manufacturers of raw materials in the field of CBD in a market that is evolving and still quite vague.

A little history

The Cannabis ban has led the world to believe that the therapeutic benefits of CBD is a recent discovery, but for sure !!!! the reality is quite different …

The legislation in force, both at the French and European level, governs both the use and the production and sale of products containing cannabidiol. The European Union, like many countries around the world, considers CBD to be safe for health. Medicinal cannabis is also used in many countries. The limitations therefore only concern the level of THC appearing in these products. It is essential that this rate remains low so that the products do not have psychotropic side effects that are harmful to health. In fact, THC hemp remains banned both for sale and for consumption in France and also in the European Union.

Cannabis is a therapeutic resource. However, over the years, cannabis has been abandoned by the medical profession. Not enough scientific evidence.

– In 1900, a study on the therapeutic effects of the plant was published on the medical benefits of cannabis.
– In 1963, Raphael Mechoulam, Doctor at the University of Jerusalem, understood the effects of individual cannabinoids when he succeeded in identifying the stereochemistry of CBD and the stereochemistry of THC in humans.
– In 1996, the United States discovered a real interest in CBD, California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis. Other conditions followed later, patients in those states had legal access to cannabis and researchers could expand their studies to medical uses of cannabinoids, such as chronic pain, epilepsy and many neurodegenerative diseases.
– In the 2000s, men and women began to share their personal experiences, telling their stories and experiences revealing how CBD could relieve certain illnesses like anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more!!!!!

The therapeutic properties of CBD are helping to change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

The contraindications depend on the composition of the products and the history of the patients. When the patient has a cardiovascular site at risk or a history of severe cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disorders (heart failure, stroke for example), it is contraindicated to prescribe drugs containing THC. Likewise, THC cannot be prescribed to patients who suffer or have suffered from psychotic disorders (schizophrenia) or severe anxiety disorders. Medical cannabis is also contraindicated in severe hepatic impairment or predictive biological impairment and severe renal impairment. Cannabis for medical use is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women.
– Since the 2010s, Since the 2010s, people who opposed cannabis have turned to CBD for relief.

Since then, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg have adapted their regulations to facilitate and authorize the trade in CBD.

Cannabis contains several chemicals, cannabinoids, the effects of which have been studied since the 1960s. Two elements stand out in particular, namely THC and CBD. The first is known for its psychoactive characteristics. Affecting both the psyche and the heart, it is highly addictive and considered a prohibited drug.

CBD or cannabidiol does not have any of these negative health effects, which is the reason why it is fully authorized as long as it does not exceed a certain concentration of THC. Contrary to popular belief, public authorities in France and Europe have not set the percentage of CBD allowed in flowers, oils, e-liquids and other products made from cannabis plants. Only the THC level is subject to very strict regulations, which may change in the years to come.

Many still oppose CBD and other compounds derived from cannabis, when they are simply not aware of the properties of CBD.

Nevertheless, CBD has always accompanied the different populations with hemp and is here to stay! From hemp, cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient with recognized therapeutic virtues. It should not be confused with THC with psychotropic properties. To be legal, CBD products must meet French and European standards.

– En 2021, the THC rate authorized in each product made from hemp varies between European countries. In France, a limit has been set at 0.2%, not in the final product but within the original cannabis plant. This maximum level applies to all seeds and fibers used in the manufacture of the products. Plants must also be on the list authorized by health authorities. By respecting these standards, the finished products are guaranteed to be THC-free and therefore are perfectly healthy for the body.

New regulations for 2023

This 0.2% rate is seen as a restrictive limit for manufacturers. The situation could change soon since in October 2020 the European Commission voted an amendment increasing the legal THC level to 0.3%. Included in the new common agricultural policy of the European Union, this measure has yet to be negotiated with the various countries, for possible application from 2023. If this increase in the THC rate were authorized in France, it would open up the market. more widely in order to face less competition from Chinese and American manufacturers, already subject to the maximum rate of 0.3%.

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